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Irfan Zulmendra Public Accountant’s Firm

The Irfan Zulmendra public accountant’s firm was established in accordance with Deed number 5 dated June 04, 2018 by Wida Farida Nisa, SH., MKn Notary in Depok, Java Bara. The establishment of  The Irfan Zulmendra public accountant’s firm, by a group of professionals who have experience in the accounting firm in carrying out audit assignments and providing consultation to various companies both Private and Government sector companies

In providing accountant services,  The Irfan Zulmendra public accountant’s firm has obtained official permission from the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia through the Director of Accountant Development and Appraisal Services as a Public Accounting Firm with License Number: 485/KM.1/2018 dated July 30, 2018

Quality control over all aspects of professional work is carried out in accordance with established quality control standards. Quality control is carried out regularly at maximum within 1 (one) year conducted by partners who are experienced in carrying out peer reviews. It is intended to ensure that the quality of services provided has met the standards set.

The Irfan Zulmendra public accountant’s firm is managed by a management committee consisting of several personnel who have experience in the field of Audit and Consulting Services as well as other business fields such as Banking, while in carrying out its operations Managing Partners are assisted by partners responsible for Human Resource Development and Quality Control Committee so as to meet global standards to ensure service users obtain high quality assurance by forming an Audit Division , Management Consulting Division, Taxation Division.


Being one of the Public Accounting Firms that have a good reputation, high integration, professional and have reliable independence in carrying out their assignments so as to benefit service users with applicable rules and generally accepted principles.



Participate in building the State through professional channels and independence in the Public Accounting Firm by applying the applicable rules and regulations so that it can be accepted by all parties and provide services with the best quality to clients so as to benefit users (stakeholders).

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KAP Irfan Zulmendra

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